Diptychon Landschaft  |  Kanō Motonobu attr. 狩野元信(伝)|  16./17.Jh

Diptych landscape | Kanō Motonobu attr. 狩野元信(伝)| 16th/17th century

This magnificent, lavishly and superbly restored diptych probably dates from the 16th/17th century. Although it bears the stamps of Kanō Motonobu (1476-1559), caution should always be exercised with Motonobu stamps.

Motonobu is one of the ancestors of the glorious Kanō school, which was the most important art institution in Japan for over five hundred years and from which countless great painters emerged. Even if we cannot say with certainty who the artist of this diptych was, it can be said that this painting as such is as good as the best Kanō ink painting. Everything is there that one could wish for in such a landscape - enchanting details, lightness of the various brush languages, a great pull in the overall conception and fine nuances of color.

The scene with the wise man on the right is impressive. He is somewhat pathetically (as is appropriate for the depiction of ancient Chinese in such pictures) giving himself over to relaxed philosophical observation of nature. He is dressed in clean white and his great spirit even seems to part the pine branches to his side. The rocky slab on which he sits looks like a natural throne and his gaze is effectively directed into a circle of depth in the landscape, which is topped by a curved branch of a pine tree.

This is spiritual, romantic landscape painting. (One might even be reminded of CD Friederich.)

Dimensions: 50cm x 210cm (2x) | Material: Paper

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