Falke auf Felsen  鷹  |  Soga Nichokuan 曽我二直庵  |  -1615  

Falcon on Rock 鷹 | Soga Nichokuan 曽我二直庵 | -1615

Soga Nichokuan was the great falcon painter in the late 16th century. From him, the masters of the Kanō school learned how to depict this bird, which was a symbol of prestige for a prince. The painting was in a box bearing the stamp of Kanō Naonobu (1606-1650). It is quite possible that it was kept in his studio, where dozens of painters worked for shogun commissions, and thus had the character of a model.

The head is wonderfully clearly drawn, the claws full of energy and the abstract-looking structure of the rock on which the bird of prey sits is painted with the powerful brush that we know from the Golden Age of ink painting, the Muromachi period (1337-1573).

The picture is newly mounted, freshly hung and appears incredibly appealing in its disciplined formulation.

Dimensions: 63cm x 205cm | Material: Paper

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