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Guignard Kyoto Collection

Tits in autumn | Yamada Kōun 山田耕雲 | 1878-1956

Tits in autumn | Yamada Kōun 山田耕雲 | 1878-1956

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Yamada Kōun is a representative of the Nihonga style. Nihonga actually means "Japanese painting", but specifically refers to the style of traditional painting that has been considered typically Japanese since the late 19th century - when Western painting and Chinese painting styles were popular in Japan. Small birds - sparrows, tits and nightingales - have been popular Japanese motifs since ancient times. Ornithologically, the birds are not easy to identify - one is most likely to think of tits. In this natural, colorful depiction on autumnal branches, however, they were not included in the picture until the 20th century.

The wonderful mount with dark blue silk and a cicada motif and suzuki grass, which is reminiscent of sunny autumn days, is particularly attractive.

The painter has received numerous awards and his works have been included in the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo.
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