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Guignard Kyoto Collection

Plum blossom branches | Yamamoto Baiitsu's work | 1783-1858

Plum blossom branches | Yamamoto Baiitsu's work | 1783-1858

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Baiitsu is one of the most interesting figures in 18th century painting. He was able to study original Chinese paintings with an art collector in Nagoya and was adept at various styles.

The composition of this picture is extraordinarily powerful and the speed of the brushstrokes is impressive. The economical use of ink when painting the branches clearly reflects the cracked bark of a plum tree. To depict the delicate flowers, however, the painter used a fine, well-saturated brush dipped in ink that was diluted with much more water than that used for the black branches and therefore has a sensitive gray color.

It may take a while to recognize the subtleties of this painting. But once you get involved in the picture, you will be fascinated by the synthesis of masculine discipline and feminine sensuality.

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