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Guignard Kyoto Collection

Sea Bay Diptych | Tani Bunchō 谷文晁 | 1763-1840

Sea Bay Diptych | Tani Bunchō 谷文晁 | 1763-1840

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Tani Bunchō is an outstanding personality in the art world of the early 19th century. He appears in many artists' biographies as a mentor, advisor, teacher and pioneer. He must have had a very winning charisma and found the right tone with a wide variety of people. This human openness is also reflected in his art - there is hardly a style that he has not tried. He could refine works and compose carefully or let the brush dance or even swirl, and in doing so he always achieved a brilliant effect.

This double image belongs to this category of quick brushstrokes. Hardly ever have writing and image been as closely related as in this diptych. The depiction of the pines in the bay in the right-hand image shows exactly the same style as his famous "crow's foot signature".

The seal could not be verified. But that is not surprising, since Bunchō - and this fits with his flamboyant personality - has over 180 seals handed down. Paradoxically, when a collection of seals is so rich, there is a good chance that it is not complete...
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