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Guignard Kyoto Collection

White Herons | Tsurukawa Tōgi 鶴川藤儀 | 20th century

White Herons | Tsurukawa Tōgi 鶴川藤儀 | 20th century

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Nothing is known about this painter, but he is undoubtedly talented and has amazing possibilities. It is a tradition to combine herons and cranes in large numbers - sometimes there should be a hundred - in one picture. It could go back to Hokusai, who captured dozens of herons in his sketchbooks in different positions while laying, landing and eating, etc. with just a few lines. When a painter practices this technique, he can demonstrate his virtuosity by depicting no two birds exactly the same. That is also the case with this picture. But despite the eagerness to invent variations, every single heron position seems natural - you don't feel any pressure of originality in the positions of the birds.

The overall light gray tone is also enchanting, crossed by the fine black lines with which the herons are drawn.

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